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Suspected motorcycle thief fatally stabs self upon arrival of police in Kobe

HYOGO (TR) – A man suspected in the theft of a motorcycle fatally stabbed himself upon the arrival of law enforcement at his residence in Kobe City on Wednesday, police have revealed, reports Sun Television (June 24).

At around 8:20 p.m., police received a tip about a “truck being used to steal a motorcycle” in Akashi City.

Based on the vehicle’s license plate and description, three officers from the Akashi Police Station later visited the residence of the 35-year-old man in Kobe’s Nishi Ward.

At the entrance, the officers asked the man to undergo voluntary questioning about the motorcycle after he generally admitted to the theft.

However, he turned his back to the officers and stabbed himself in the chest with a knife from the kitchen. He was confirmed dead about two hours later at a hospital, police said.

When reached for comment, the Akashi Police Station said that “there was no problem with the investigation.”