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Suspected drunk driver hits, kills elderly man in Machida

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested a suspected drunk driver following a fatal accident in Machida City on Sunday, reports TBS News (June 3).

At around 5:00 a.m., the vehicle driven by Manabu Sakurai, the 43-year-old manager of a beauty salon, struck Nobuo Tsukiji, 67, as he loaded a golf bag into his parked vehicle on the side of a municipal road.

Tsukiji was confirmed dead at the scene. He was with his son, 41, who suffered an injury to his leg, police said.

Manabu Sakurai
Manabu Sakurai (Twitter)

An alcohol breath analysis given to Sakurai gave a result that exceeded the standard value by an unspecified amount.

During questioning, Sakurai, who has been accused of drunk driving, said that five hours before the accident he had been at an izakaya restaurant. “I had three shochu on ice drinks,” the suspect said in referring to the distilled spirit. “I also had three medium-sized draft beers.”

Police are now investigating whether to change the charges against the suspect to dangerous driving resulting in death.