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Subject of yakuza film nabbed for intimidation

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested a member of a yakuza syndicate that was the subject of a recent film for assisting a male acquaintance in collecting funds related to construction work, reports Mainichi Broadcasting System (Oct. 3).

On January 12, Daisuke Ono, a 50-year-old executive in the Azuma-gumi, and Yasunori Yagi, the 41-year-old manager of a construction company, allegedly intimidated a male employee of a subcontractor over payment of 5 million yen in connection with a project in Osaka City.

"Yakuza and the Constitution"
The Azuma-gumi was featured in the 2015 film “Yakuza and the Constitution”

In carrying out the scheme, about 10 members of the Azuma-gumi gathered at the office of Yagi. The suspects then intimidated the employee of the subcontractor — “Don’t pull that with me,” one of them reportedly said — upon his arrival.

Ono, who has been accused of violating the Act on Punishment of Physical Violence, generally admits to the allegations. Meanwhile, Yagi denies the charges. “I only summoned Ono,” the suspect was quoted by police.

In 2015, the Azuma-gumi was featured in the film “Yakuza and the Constitution,” which offers an inside look at the gang’s operations in a downtrodden area of Osaka. Ono appeared in the film.