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Student accused of attempting to rape woman in unmanned police box

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a university student for allegedly attempting to rape a woman inside an unmanned koban police box earlier this month, reports TBS News (Sept. 30).

Early on September 16, the suspect, 19, used a bicycle to approach the woman, aged in her 20s, on a road in Katsushika Ward.

“You are cute,” the suspect reportedly said before fondling her body. After the woman fled, the suspect pursued her. She then sought help at the nearby Minamimizumoto Police Box.

A university study is alleged to have attempted to rape a woman inside a police box in Katsushika Ward on September 16 (Twitter)

However, the police box was unoccupied. After he followed her inside, he molested her again.

Police used security camera footage to apprehend the suspect. He admits to allegations of attempted coerced intercourse, police said.

Police previously said that regular patrols and responses to incidents dictate whether an officer is on duty in a police box.

“We are currently verifying the circumstances [of the matter] at that
time,” Tokyo Metropolitan Police said in commenting on the matter.