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Shiga: Woman accused in fatal accident also arrested for stalking

SHIGA (TR) – A 53-year-old woman arrested over a traffic accident that left two children dead and another 14 persons injured in Otsu City earlier this year has also been accused of stalking, police said, reports TV Asahi (Oct. 1).

On Monday, police accused Fumiko Shintate, of no known occupation, of violating the Stalker Control Law for harassing a 49-year-old man online.

On August 27, Shintate allegedly used the smartphone application Line to send threatening message to the man. “Show me all of the exchanges you’ve had on Line,” she reportedly wrote.

Then, on two occasions in early September, she telephoned the man at his office. “What do you think about me posting your photo on Ni-channel?” she asked in referring to the online bulletin board.

Shintate admits to the allegations, police said.

Fumiko Shintate (Twitter)

On May 8, Shintate made a right turn on a road at an intersection in Otsu and struck a light vehicle that was traveling in an opposite lane of traffic.

The light vehicle then hit 13 children and three nursery school teachers, killing two of the children.

Shintate was arrested at the scene on suspicion of negligent driving resulting in death and injury. She was later released on bail.

At the end of June, Shintate met the man she later stalked on a dating site, police said.