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Saitama man not prosecuted over alleged theft of conductor’s cap

TOKYO (TR) – Prosecutors have announced the non-prosecution of a 32-year-old man over the theft of a cap from a conductor at a railway station in Setagaya Ward a year ago, reports TBS News (Aug 24).

In June of last year, Kei Kitamura, a resident of Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, allegedly stole the cap from the conductor during a dispute at Odakyu Electric Railway Co.’s Chitose-Funabashi Station.

After the closing of the doors of the last train in service that day, Kitamura leaned up against the side of the carriage. The conductor then warned issued a warning.

Kei Kitamura
Kei Kitamura (Twitter)

“Waiting is useless. Open the door or I’ll beat you to death,” the suspect reportedly said in drawing closer to the conductor. The suspect then snatched the cap.

On Monday, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the non-prosecution of Kitamura. No reason for the non-prosecution was given.

Upon his arrest this past August, Kitamura admitted to the allegations. “I stole the cap to compensate for my anger,” the suspect was quoted by police at the time.