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Saitama: Board of education dismisses 3 teachers for misconduct involving girls

SAITAMA (TR) – The Saitama Prefectural Board of Education on Monday announced the dismissal of three male teachers for conducting illicit acts with girls, reports TBS News (Mar. 18).

One case involved a 37-year-old teacher at a high school in the prefecture. Beginning in October, 2015, the teacher engaged in acts deemed obscene with a girl at hotels in the prefecture on repeated occasions.

In another incident, a 26-year-old teacher at an elementary school trespassed into a toilet on the campus and used a smartphone to take tosatsu (or voyeur) footage of a female student in December of last year.

That same month, a 42-year-old teacher at another elementary school took a student by car to a shopping mall and embraced her inside the vehicle.

At a meeting on Monday, the board apologized for the incidents. “We deeply apologize to the citizens of the prefecture about the repeated scandals involving staff members,” a member of the board said.