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Philippine man accused of raping school boy in Shinjuku hotel

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a male national of the Philippines over the alleged rape of a high school boy last year, reports NHK (May 25).

Last August, Beland Yaron, 23, is alleged to have sexually assaulted the boy, then a third-year high school student, inside a hotel in Shinjuku Ward after posing as a television producer. “I want to cast you in a program,” he reportedly told him

Since the boy believed the claim of Yaron about him being a producer, police accused him of quasi-coerced intercourse. “It was consensual,” the suspect was quoted by the Yotsuya Police Station in partially denying the allegations.

Beland Yaron
Beland Yaron (Twitter)

The boy lives in Shiga Prefecture. According to police, Yaron got to him via a social-networking service. Thereafter, the suspect falsely told him that he produces television programs and asked him to come to Tokyo.

Police are now investigating whether Yaron committed the same crime with other victims.