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Part-time worker filmed molestation of school girl with smartphone

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 39-year-old male part-time employee over the alleged molestation of a middle school girl, a crime that he filmed, reports Nikkan Sports (Aug. 10).

On the afternoon of July 10, Akira Shirasaka, a resident of Adachi Ward, lured the girl from a road as she commuted home to an apartment stairwell. He then used a smartphone to record his fondling of her lower body.

Shirasaka, who has been accused of indecent assault, admits to the allegations. “After drinking my sexual desire escalates,” the suspect was quoted by the Nishi Arai Police Station.

After the incident, the girl consulted with a nearby police box. Shirasaka became a person of interest for police after an examination of security camera footage taken in the area.

Police are investigating whether Shirasaka was involved in a similar incident involving an elementary school girl in the same area in January of last year.