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Pair ran Thai prostitution ring from Otsuka massage parlor

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two men who are suspected of running a prostitution ring staffed with Thai women, reports TBS News (Nov. 27).

Kazuaki Ouchi, 55, allegedly employed two Thai women to provide honban, or full sex, to male customers in private rooms of a massage parlor inside a building in the Otsuka area of Toshima Ward.

The provision of such a service is a violation of the anti-prostitution law. Ouchi admits to the allegations. However, 60-year-old Masaru Iwasaki, who allegedly solicited customers for the parlor, denies the charges, police said.

Kazuaki Ouchi, left, and Masaru Iwasaki (Twitter)

According to police, the women, who lived at the parlor, were residing in Japan illegally.

Since September of 2018, the operation is believed to have accumulated 39 million yen in sales.

The arrest is not the first for Ouchi. In 2018, he was accused of the same crime. However, in that case the women were Chinese.