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Osaka nurse suspected of using cocaine, marijuana

OSAKA (TR) – A female nurse has been accused of using cocaine and marijuana at her residence in Osaka City earlier this year, law enforcement said, reports Mainichi Broadcasting System (Dec. 1).

In October, the Kinki Narcotics Control Department found Rika Araki, 28, to be in possession of 0.68 grams of cocaine and 0.11 grams of liquid marijuana at the residence in Nish Ward.

The following month, she was prosecuted over the alleged use of both illegal drugs.

A nurse was accused of using cocaine last month (Twitter)

“I was recommended by an acquaintance to use marijuana from around October last year and cocaine from around September this year,” Araki said in admitting to the allegations.

Araki is a psychiatrist at a social welfare corporation in Hirakata City. She has a license to use morphine and cocaine for medicinal purposes in pain relief and anesthesia, police said.

The department is investigating whether Araki purchased the contraband via a social-networking service.