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Osaka man, 55, ‘intended to kill’ parents by starting fatal blaze

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested a 55-year-old man for allegedly starting a fire that killed both of his parents at their residence in Suita City, reports the Asahi Shimbun (May 13).

At around 9:20 p.m. on Monday, Yoshiaki Shiba, of no known occupation, allegedly started the blaze inside the two-floor residence, located in the Minamiseiwaencho area.

Shiba shared the residence with his father, 88-year-old Takeji, and mother, 81-year-old Tamako. After a fire crew extinguished the fire, which engulfed the entire 110-square-meter structure, two corpses of unknown gender were found near the entrance.

“I used a lighter to start the fire in several locations [of the residence],” the suspect was quoted by police in admitting to allegations. “I started the fire with the intention of killing both of my parents.”

A man started a fire at the residence of his parents in Suita City on Monday (Twitter)

After the fire was put out, the whereabouts of Shiba were not known. However, he returned to the scene the following day. After undergoing voluntary questioning, he was accused of arson and murder.

Police are proceeding to confirm the identities of the bodies and seek the causes of death.