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Osaka: Liquid sprayed in pachinko parlor sickens 12

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police are hunting for a man who sprayed an unknown liquid during a dispute at a pachinko parlor in Osaka City’s Nishinari Ward last week, sickening more than 10 persons, reports the Nikkan Sports (Aug. 18).

At around 8:40 p.m., a customer at 123 Tamade tipped off police about the incident, which left 12 persons with eye and throat pain. They were transported to a hospital while conscious with injuries considered minor.

According to the Nishinari Police Station, the perpetrator discharged the unspecified liquid from a can after getting into a dispute with another male customer inside the parlor. The perpetrator then fled the scene.

in Nishinari Ward
A man sprayed a liquid inside a pachinko parlor in Nishinari Ward during a dispute on August 17 (Twitter)

“I thought I heard a man cry out during a fight,” said a 74-year-old male taxi driver who was present at the time of the incident. “Immediately after that, I could not open my eyes, and my throat got sore. As well, some people were vomiting.”

Police are seeking the whereabouts of the man on suspicion of inflicting injury.