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Ogikubo salon suspected of providing prostitution

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted a salon in Suginami Ward whose employees are suspected of carrying out prostitution, reports TBS News (Dec. 21).

On November 25 and December 13, employees at salon Neige, located in the Ogikubo area, are alleged to have provided male customers with honban, or full sex, during regular sessions.

Police allege that the suspect knew that full sex was being provided, which is a violation of the anti-prostitution law.

Tokyo police accused the Chinese manager of Neige of providing prostitution (Twitter)

Upon her arrest, the manager, a 55-year-old Chinese national, denied the allegations. “I resigned in November,” the suspect told police. “I had no knowledge that prostitution was taking place.”

Over a one-month period, Neige is believed to have served about 100 customers.