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Niigata: Court fines man for threatening idol Yuka Ogino via fax

NIIGATA (TR) – A court here on Monday fined a 24-year-old man for threatening Yuka Ogino, a member of Niigata City-based idol group NGT48, reports the Sankei Shimbun (June 10).

The Niigata Summary Court informally indicted Kazuki Domoto, a resident of Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture of no known occupation, for intimidation and fined him 300,000 yen.

On May 9, Domoto sent a fax to a news agency indicating he would “kill” the 20-year-old Ogino.

Upon his arrest in May, Domoto admitted to sending the fax from a convenience store in Kyoto City.

Domoto surfaced as a person of interest in the case after an examination of security camera footage by police showed a person sending the fax from the store.

NGT48 has been the focus of controversy this year after its agency, AKS, took a lax approach in handling the alleged assault of Maho Yamaguchi by two male fans. Yamaguchi left the group on May 18.