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Nagasaki police seize 258 marijuana plants in 4 locations

NAGASAKI (TR) – Nagasaki Prefectural Police have arrested five persons who believed to be behind a marijuana cultivation ring that brokered sales of the banned drug in the capital, reports NHK (Mar. 2).

According to police, Tomoji Miyazaki, 57, and two other suspects cultivated 126 marijuana plants for the purpose of sale at a residence in Omura City in January.

Meanwhile, Ichiro Hamasaki, 50, and the fifth suspect cultivated 68 marijuana plants for the same purpose at Hamazaki’s residence in the same city that same month.

Police also accused the five suspects of possessing 2.7 kilograms of dried marijuana — with a street value of 16 million yen — in Omura and other locations.

In addition to the plants, police seized growing equipment, including lighting and fans.

Nagasaki police have seized 258 marijuana plants from four locations (Twitter)

Police did not reveal whether the suspects admit to the allegations.

As a part of the same investigation, police have seized another 164 marijuana plants in Isahaya City. Investigators are planning to further accuse the suspects over that discovery.

The ring has been in operation for more than 10 years. Members of the ring are believed to have traveled to outside the prefecture, including to Tokyo, to broker deals.