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Nagano: Man arrested for arson after fire kills mother, brother

NAGANO (TR) – Nagano Prefectural Police arrested a 49-year-old man after a fire killed his mother and brother at their residence in Nagano City, reports Shin-etsu Broadcasting (Aug. 26).

According to the Nagano-Minami Police Station, the blaze broke out at the residence, located in Tanbajima area, early on August 23.

A fire crew later retrieved the bodies of Fumiko Nakamura, 82, and her son, 52-year-old Hiroshi, from the ruins of the two-floor structure.

On August 23, a man started a fire at his house in Nagano City that killed his mother and brother (Twitter)

The cause of the death for both persons was death by fire, police said.

Nakamura and Hiroshi shared the residence with another of her sons, 49-year-old Shigeru. On the night of August 23, police accused Shigeru of arson.

According to police, Shigeru fled after starting the fire. Police did not reveal whether he admits to the allegations.

The day before the incident, Shigeru told the occupants of a neighboring house, “I don’t want to go home.” Police are now seeking a motive for the crime.