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Mie: Man accused of murdering colleague whose beaten corpse found in pond

MIE (TR) – Mie Prefectural Police have arrested a 48-year-old man for allegedly killing a male colleague whose beaten corpse was found at a pond in Suzuka City last year, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Feb. 21).

On September 29 and 30, Shigeki Yogo is alleged have used a rod to repeatedly beat the head and back of 41-year-old Yoshikazu Muta near Ishigaki Pond in leading to his death.

On October 1, the body of Muta was found floating face-down several meters from shore at the pond. At the time of the discovery, police said that his face and head had multiple gashes, each measuring several centimeters long.

The cause of death was shock as a result of loss of blood. Police did not reveal whether Yogo admits to the allegations nor how the body got into the pond.

Shigeki Yogo
Shigeki Yogo (Twitter)

DNA analysis

A native of Osaka City, Muta had lived in Mie and Aichi prefectures for work. Since the middle of September, Muta and Yogo did construction-related work together.

During the investigation, police found his car on a road in Nagoya. As well, security camera footage taken just before the incident showed Muta and Yogo at a shopping center together. A DNA analysis of a smoked cigarette found in Muta’s car proved to be a match for Yogo, police said.

The arrest is the second for Yogo. In November, police arrested him over the alleged theft of three bicycles in Nagoya.

Police are now investigating the circumstances that led to the fatal assault.