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Mayu Tomita, former idol, seeks damages in court after attack by fan

TOKYO (TR) – Mayu Tomita, a former idol who suffered serious injuries in an attack by a male fan three years ago, is seeking damages from the attacker and law enforcement, reports Nippon News Network (July 10).

At the Tokyo District Court on Wednesday, Tomita, 23, and her mother lodged a suit that seeks 76 million yen in compensation from convicted attacker Tomohiro Iwazaki, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police and her agency.

On May 21, 2016, Iwazaki used a knife to stab Tomita in dozens of locations of her body, including the chest and head, prior to a concert at a venue in Koganei City.

Tomita was left unconscious and in critical condition following the attack. She regained consciousness the following month.

In 2017, Iwasaki was handed a prison term of 14 years and six months for attempted murder.

Mayu Tomita
Mayu Tomita (Twitter)

Police directed to wrong location

Prior to the incident, Tomita consulted with the Musashino Station Police numerous times over concerns about stalking by Iwasaki, but the officers did not issue a warning to him, according to Tomita’s lawyer.

As well, an emergency dispatcher directed officers to Tomita’s home instead of the crime scene after she sought help just before the attack, a previous report said.

“We are very much aware that we could not prevent the incident despite being consulted beforehand,” a representative of the Tokyo police was quoted. “We are working as a team to prevent a recurrence.”

Regarding her agency, Tomita claims that it did not ensure her safety, her lawyer said.