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Marketing exec. accused of tweeting sex videos without consent of woman

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested the director of a marketing company for allegedly tweeting illicit videos featuring a woman without her consent, reports Nikkan Sports (Jan. 22).

On ten occasions between July 11 and October 19, Tomoki Saeki, the 33-year-old director of Realize, allegedly tweeted clips showing him engaging in sex with the woman, aged in her 20s.

According to the Ayase Police Station, the clips did not obscure the woman’s face or voice. As well, she did not grant him permission to feature her.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of libel, transmission of obscene media and violating the anti-revenge porn law on Monday, Saeki admitted to the allegations. “I wanted followers,” the suspect told police.

Tomoki Saeki (Twitter)

According to police, Saeki got to know the woman through a matchmaking app that hooks up persons interested in having sex.

The clips in the tweets were only samples of full videos, which were uploaded to a pay-to-view site accessible through another app. Saeki is believed to have earned between 100,000 and 200,000 yen through the site.

Had sex regularly

During the period in which the alleged crimes took place, the pair had sex regularly. After Saeki suggested that the woman “improve her technique,” she began studying online videos.

In doing a search for one particular technique, she happened to find Saeki’s site with the full videos and recognized herself. She consulted with police in October.

The site includes videos featuring other women. Police are now working to identify the women in order to accuse Saeki of other crimes.