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Man with no job posed as banker in swindling women

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 45-year-old man who is suspected of posing as a banker while swindling several women, reports Nikkan Sports (July 23).

In October 2018, Masayuki Matsuzaki, of no known occupation, met a woman, aged  in her 30s and living in Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture at a party for those interested in konkatsu, or “marriage-seeking activities.”

After falsely telling her that he lives in Hong Kong and works for HSBC, he suggested that she make an investment.

That December, he allegedly defrauded the woman by receiving three payments totaling 3.9 million yen.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Matsuzaki was quoted by the Atago Police Station.

Masayuki Matsuzaki (Twitter)

“My parent’s home is in Shirogane”

In carrying out the ruse, Matsuzaki made the victim think he was wealthy. “My parent’s home is in Shirokane,” the suspect reportedly told her in referring to the affluent area of Tokyo. “But I am staying in a hotel now.”

He also said that he was a lecturer at a top university. “I want to be happy,” he reportedly said in proposing marriage just weeks after they met.

However, marriage paperwork had not been filed as of April of last year, by which time the suspect had collected a total of 9.3 million yen from the woman (though police have only accused him of receiving the aforementioned 3.9 million thus far).

Seven women

Police also said that Matsuzaki has swindled a total a total of seven women, including one in the Kinki area, out of a combined 39 million yen.

In 2012, a court sentenced Matsuzaki to six years in prison for an unspecified crime. He was released on 2018, according to Fuji News Network (July 23).