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Man who stabbed colleague with broken shochu bottle ‘wanted to kill’

A man smashed a bottle of shochu over the head of a colleague in an izakaya on February 24
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 57-year-old man for allegedly assaulting his male colleague during a drinking session in Machida City last week, reports TV Asahi (Feb. 26).

On February 24, Noriyuki Sato, an employee at a waterworks company, is alleged to have repeatedly beat the colleague, 48, in the forehead with the broken bottle at an izakaya restaurant.

“I got angry with what my lower-ranking colleague said,” Sato said in admitting to allegations of attempted murder. “I intended to kill [him] when I stabbed his forehead.”

Noriyuki Sato (Twitter)

According to police, the victim has worked under Sato for an extended period.

“You can’t work, you’re too slow, you should die!” the victim yelled at Sato during the drinking session. The suspect then smashed the bottle on a table and attacking the colleague.