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Man suspected of drugging, raping 6 women accused in seventh case

TOKYO (TR) – A 30-year-old man in custody for allegedly drugging and raping six women has been accused in a seventh case, police have revealed, reports Nippon News Network (June 23).

Last June, Kenshiro Maruta, a former employee at Recruit Communications Co., is alleged to have sexually assaulted the sixth victim, a university student in her 20s, while she was passed out inside her residence.

Prior to the incident, Maruta allegedly plied the victim with a sleeping pill mixed into a drink.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of quasi-coerced intercourse, Maruta told police, “I will talk about clearly recalling [the matter].”

Kenshiro Maruta (Twitter)

According to police, Maruta targeted college students looking for a job. On a job-seeking app, he pretended to have graduated from a famous national university.

While dining at restaurants, he then coaxed or forced the victims into consuming drinks with sleeping pills.

Police first arrested Maruta last November. An examination of his smartphone of the suspect by police showed him sexually assaulting dozens of women, police said previously.

For the seventh case, police found a photograph on the smartphone showing the victim and her identification card.

Police also seized about 700 sleeping pills from the suspect’s residence.

Maruta has already been prosecuted in at least four of the first six cases.