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Man sprayed with tear gas during robbery at Shinagawa Prince Hotel

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have launched an investigation after a man was sprayed with tear gas by an unknown perpetrator during a robbery at a hotel in Minato Ward on Wednesday, reports TV Asahi (Nov. 1).

At around 6:15 p.m., the male perpetrator sprayed the tear gas in the face of the man, 20, inside a second-floor bathroom at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. The perpetrator then snatched a bag containing 14 million yen in cash before fleeing, according to the Takanawa Police Station.

The victim suffered burns to his face and hands that will be require two weeks to heal, police said.

Prince Hotel Shinagawa
A man was sprayed with tear gas during a robbery at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel on Wednesday (Twitter)

According to the victim, he received the cash from an acquaintance, who had been enduring “money-related trouble.” The perpetrator, with whom he was not acquainted, carried out the attack after he exited the bathroom.

Police are treating the case as robbery resulting in injury.