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Man provided 13-year-old girl with birth control pills in lieu of cash for sex

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 43-year-old man for allegedly providing contraception in lieu of cash to a middle school girl for sex last year, reports NHK (Jan. 21).

Last April, Keiichi Ono, of no known occupation, allegedly gave low-dose birth control pills to the girl, then 13, at a hotel in Tachikawa City for sexual relations while knowing she was a minor.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of child prostitution, Ono admitted to the allegations. “I did it out of sexual curiosity,” the suspect told police. “I bought the contraception online.”

According to police, Ono met the girl on Twitter. “I am looking for a person who will sell me contraception,” the girl wrote. “I feel uneasy about my boyfriend getting me pregnant.”

Keiichi Ono (Twitter)

Ono sent her a message saying that he would supply her with birth control pills if they met. He then invited her to the hotel.

According to police, the pills supplied by the suspect require a prescription from a doctor. He told police he had supplied such pills to about 40 people. He used Twitter to make sales.

Police believe the suspect provided the girl with pills one time before. However, for the case in question he required sex in exchange.

Police are now investigating whether to also accuse the suspect of violating the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Act.