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Man posed as company president in swindle of Ginza hostess

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 28-year-old man over the alleged swindle of a bar hostess in the Ginza entertainment district last year, reports TBS News (May 25).

Last September, Takeshi Sano, of no known occupation, allegedly defrauded the woman, aged in her 20s, out of a Rolex wristwatch and handbag valued at around 4 million yen.

In carrying out the ruse, Sano posed as the president of an apparel company while visiting the club.

The suspect then asked that the victim to purchase the items for him “for work-related photography.” In return she would be given a commission.

Takeshi Sano (Twitter)

“I’ve been pulling scams for a while. I was searching for a person I could swindle,” the suspect was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations.

Sano got to know the victim by visiting the club. At some point before the arrest of the suspect, she suspected she had been swindled.

She then contacted the suspect. “My friend would also like to get in on this deal,” she falsely told the suspect in inviting him to the club. Upon his arrival, a police officer was waiting inside.