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Man pimped girl 2 months after receiving suspended sentence for same crime

TOKYO (TR) – Just two months after being handed a suspended prison term for soliciting customers seeking sex from minors, a 47-year-old man has been arrested for the same crime, reports Nippon News Network (Jan. 24).

In December, Tomohide Seino dispatched a girl, then 15, to a hotel in Shinjuku Ward to engage in acts deemed obscene with a male customer while knowing she was a minor.

“I did it to earn income,” the suspect was quoted by the Takaido Police Station.

Tomohide Seino
Tomohide Seino (Twitter)

Seino operates a business referred to by the abbreviation JK, or joshi kosei, meaning high school girl. In June, police arrested him for soliciting customers for 12 girls under the age of 18. Over an 11-month period, he is believed to have accumulated 16.5 million yen in sales, police said previousliy.

Upon his arrest, he denied the allegations. “I did not coerce [her],” he was quoted by police. In October, a court handed him a suspended prison term.

In the most recent case, police are aware of 5 girls recruited by Seino via Twitter. He is believed to have accumulated 600,000 yen in sales, police said.