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Man in custody over two alleged sexual assault cases accused in third

TOKYO (TR) – A man in custody over a pair of alleged sexual assault incidents in Higashimurayama City earlier this year has been accused in a third incident, police said, reports TV Asahi (Sept. 8).

In the most recent case, Shogo Ikegawa, a 33-year-old part-time employee, came up from behind a girl as she walked home on a street in January.

“Take off your clothes,” the suspect reportedly said while shoving her to the ground. When he attempted to rape her, the girl resisted, causing him to flee.

After the incident, the girl told her mother who in turn contacted police.

Ikegawa has declined to comment on the allegations, police said.

Shogo Ikegawa (Twitter)

Two other cases

In the first case, Ikegawa followed another girl home on June 10. When
she tried to open the front door, he grabbed her by the arm. However, he fled the scene after realizing that her mother was at home.

“I was irritated and thought [the act] would clear things up,” the suspect was quoted by police upon his arrest in July on suspicion of indecent assault. He added, “I like the bodies of children.”

In the third case, Ikegawa broke into the residence of another girl in the same city after also following her home on June 11.

While grabbing her around the neck, he is then alleged to have attempted to rape her. However, he fled the scene after the girl let out a loud scream.

Police connected him to the incident after an examination of security camera footage. For this incident, he has declined to comment on the allegations.