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Man accused of raping sleeping woman in Suginami

TOKYO (TR) – The crime of kyosei seiko literally translates to “coerced intercourse” but can be best described as rape.

For Japanese law enforcement, should a victim be unable to fend off their attacker — for example, if they are drunk — jun (meaning “quasi”) is added to reflect that aspect of the case.

On Tuesday, Tokyo Metropolitan Police revealed that they have accused a 36-year-old man of jun-kyosei seiko over a case in which the victim, a woman in her 30s, was sleeping, reports TBS News (July 27).

In July of last year, the suspect, a company employee, is alleged to have broken into the residence of the woman in Suginami Ward and sexually assaulted her as she slept.

“She was my type,” he told police in admitting to the allegations.

According to police, the suspect also lives in Suginami. Last month, he broke into the woman’s residence again.

The woman later noticed the second break-in and alerted police.

After police launched an investigation, they examined the smartphone of the suspect and found footage of the alleged crime last year.

Note: The lawyer for the suspect requested that the suspect’s name be removed from this article after the suspect was not prosecuted.