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Man, 53, accused of leaving father’s ashes in Tokyo Station toilet

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 53-year-old man for allegedly leaving the ashes of his father inside a bathroom at Tokyo Station last year, reports TBS News (Jan. 17).

In November, Hiroaki Hishijima, a company employee, allegedly left the ashes of his father, 83, inside a stall for a bathroom for Tokyo Metro’s Marunouchi Line.

Hishijima, who has been accused of abandoning ashes of the deceased, admits to the allegations.

Hiroaki Hishijima (Twitter)

“My mother told me not to bring the ashes home,” the suspect was quoted by police. “Burial costs were also required, and, considering the procedure, it all became too troublesome. So I decided to throw them away somewhere.”

The father died in September. After receiving the ashes from the Shinjuku Ward office, Hishijima carried out the crime, police said.