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Kyoto: Cop in fraud division accused in ¥12 million swindle of elderly man

KYOTO (TR) – Kyoto Prefectural Police on Saturday arrested a 38-year-old officer in a fraud division over the alleged swindle of nearly 12 million yen from an elderly man in Fushimi Ward last year, reports Kyodo News (June 15).

Ryuji Takahashi, a head patrol officer at the Yamashina Police Station assigned to a police box, denies the allegations. “I just borrowed the money,” the suspect was quoted by police. “To carry out a swindle was not my intention. [The money] was used for investments.”

On November 8, the victim visited a financial institution to withdraw a large amount of money to make a donation. Sensing that a fraud was underway, an employee of the financial institution contacted police.

Takahashi arrived at the scene and confirmed that the transaction was in fact genuine. The man later said, “I have 5 million yen in cash at home.” After accompanying the man to his residence, Takahashi said, “It is best to entrust the money to a bank.”

Ryuji Takahashi
Ryuji Takahashi (Twitter)

Takahashi is then believed to have swiped the 500 million yen in cash. Seven days later, he is believed to have swindled an additional 6.8 million yen in cash from the man.

In carrying out the latter ruse, the suspect telephoned the same institution the day before, saying it is acceptable for the man to withdraw the 6.8 million yen from his account. The following day, he visited the victim’s residence in a personal capacity and allegedly swiped the money that had been withdrawn.

The matter emerged when the man consulted with police last April.

“Given that this [incident] hurts the trust that citizens [have in us], this is outrageous,” a representative of the Kyoto Prefectural Police was quoted. “We will deal with his matter harshly.”