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Kumamoto: Police seize 600 kg of stimulant drugs; 11 arrested

KUMAMOTO (TR) – Police on Wednesday seized 600 kilograms of stimulant drugs from a boat in Amakusa City. As a part of the investigation, officers have also arrested more than 10 persons, reports NHK (Dec. 12).

According to law enforcement, the 600 kilograms of kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, seized from the fishing boat, which was moored at Oniike Port, represents the second largest haul on record in Japan. The value of the contraband, which was in bags, is estimated at 36 billion yen.

At the time of the search, police also arrested three persons, including two Taiwanese nationals, aboard the boat on suspicion of possession of stimulant drugs with intent to sell.

Another seven persons have been accused of assisting in the operation, including Dai Igarashi, a 54-year-old company employee living in Tokyo’s Kita Ward. Of the 11 suspects, four are Taiwanese. The other seven are Japanese.

Police seized 600 kilograms of stimulant drugs from a fishging boat moored at a port in Amakusa City on Wednesday (NHK)

Law enforcement did not reveal whether the suspects admit to the allegations.

Police searched the boat after receiving a tip about a suspected drug smuggling operation in the area of the port.

Law enforcement believes that the 11 suspects are a part of an international drug trafficking ring.