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Kanagawa police inspector suspected of leaking info to yakuza

KANAGAWA (TR) – An assistant inspector for the Kanagawa Prefectural Police is suspected of leaking information to a criminal syndicate, police have revealed, reports TV Asahi (March 31).

According to police, the assistant inspector, aged in his 40s, repeatedly leaked information about investigations to upper-level members of the Inagawa-kai over a several-year period.

The gang paid the assistant inspector 100,000 yen in return for the tips.

No discipline was announced by police.

The assistant inspector was formerly in an anti-organized crime division with the police. In around 2015, police began have difficulty with investigations involving the gang.

TV Asahi inquired with an assistant inspector for the Kanagawa Prefectural Police about leaking information to a gang (Twitter)

An internal inquiry led them to the assistant inspector. “I did it for strategy,” he said at the time. He was subsequently given a light punishment.

However, subsequent investigations continued to experience difficulties. Police later learned from an outside source about “an assistant inspector receiving payouts.”

When confronted by TV Asahi, the assistant inspector denied leaking information to the gang and receiving money.

Note: This story was updated after the emergence of additional information.