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Kagoshima: Elementary school teacher dismissed after flashing woman

KAGOSHIMA (TR) – The Kagoshima Prefectural Board of Education last month announced the dismissal of a male elementary school teacher after he was arrested for exposing himself to a woman, reports Kagoshima Television Station (Dec. 24).

According to the board, the teacher, 35, was on staff at a public school on the Osumi Peninsula.

On a day in September, he allegedly revealed his lower body to woman at an unspecified location in the prefecture.

An officer on patrol arrested the teacher at the scene.

“I have done the same thing six times over the past few years,” he said, according to the board. “I received a sense of stress relief in doing obscene things.”

Koichi Ikeda, a board representative, said, “With the act done [by the teacher] being impermissible, the matter was handled strictly. From now, I would like to provide guidance [to staff members].”