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Kabukicho shop used trash to distribute illegal adult DVDs

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted a shop peddling illegal adult DVDs in in the Kabukicho red-light district that distributed its merchandise through the trash, reports Fuji News Network (July 17).

In April, six persons, including the 42-year-old manager of the shop, allegedly sold 185 DVDs in which genitalia was not censored to a customer for 55,000 yen.

Police have accused the suspects of possession of obscene media with intent to sell. “I wasn’t working that day,” the manager was quoted by police in denying the allegations. The other five suspects admit to the charges, police said.

Police seized 40,000 illegal DVDs from a shop in Kabukicho
Police seized 40,000 illegal DVDs from a shop in Kabukicho (Twitter)

According to police, customers retrieved the DVDs, which were inserted into a paper bag, from the garbage in front of the shop after placing their orders inside — a tactic used to prevent a bust by law enforcement.

Police seized about 40,000 illegal discs from a warehoused used by the shop. Since last December, the operation is believed to have collected 54 million yen in revenue.