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Ibaraki police: Deodorant used to conceal man’s corpse in residence

IBARAKI (TR) – Following the discovery of the corpse of a 33-year-old man entombed in concrete in his residence in Kasumigaura City, investigative sources with the Ibaraki Prefectural Police have revealed that deodorant was used to conceal his body. The investigation into his wife is ongoing, reports TBS News (July 23).

On July 20, police found the corpse of Noboru Ujiie encased in concrete. He had been dead for several months. As well, the body did not appear to have suffered any external trauma, police said at the time.

According to the sources, the body was placed in a bag that was found in a closet in the residence. Further, several deodorants were used to cover the smell.

Miho Ujiie
Miho Ujiie (Twitter)

The sources also revealed that it is believed that his wife, 44-year-old Miho, physically abused Noboru. On at least one occasion, he went to work with injuries to his head. During questioning, Miho admitted to strangling her husband with an intent to kill him.

Thus far, police have accused Miho of document forgery. She remains under investigation over the circumstances surrounding the death of Noboru and the abandoning of his corpse.

Missing person

On March 9, Miho lodged a missing persons report on her husband with the Tsuchiura Police Station. He last appeared at work in the middle of February, police said.

Miho submitted divorce paperwork to the Kasumigaura City office on July 18. With her husband still missing, police arrested her on suspicion of forgery of a document. Police then discovered the body of her husband in the residence, which the couple shares with their daughter, 12, and 4-year-old twin boys, as a part of the forgery investigation.