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Ibaraki: Pair sought after ¥3.8 million pachinko parlor robbery

IBARAKI (TR) – Ibaraki Prefectural Police are hunting for two men who robbed a pachinko parlor in Kashima City early Sunday, reports TBS News (Aug. 11).

At just past midnight, the perpetrators used a key to enter a shop adjacent to the parlor that exchanges pachinko balls for cash and took 3.8 million yen in cash from the safe.

Prior to the entering, the pair abducted a female employee, 48, as just before she entered her residence. After shoving her into their vehicle and binding her arms and legs, they forced her to guide them to the shop.

Two men robbed a pachinko parlor in Kashima City early Sunday (Twitter)

The perpetrators also obtained the key and learned the location of the safe. After the incident, they fled the scene in the vehicle. They woman was unharmed, police said.

One of the perpetrators was attired entirely in black. He was also wearing a knit cap, gloves and a breathing mask, police said.