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Ibaraki: Man ‘under stress’ accused of fatally assaulting 1-month-old daughter

IBARAKI (TR) – Ibaraki Prefectural Police have arrested a 28-year-old man over the alleged fatal assault of his infant daughter in Hitachinaka City earlier this year, reports Jiji Press (oct. 5).

Between July 15 and 23, Masaru Konuma, a company employee, allegedly slammed his daughter, 1-month old Maika, in the back with a toilet door. He also punched her in the chest and abdomen as she slept on a futon.

The girl died on July 24. The results of an autopsy revealed that the cause of death was an acute subdural hemorrhage and massive internal injuries, police said.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of murder on Monday, Konuma denied the allegations. “I was under stress from [her] crying,” the suspect said in acknowledging assault. However, he later added, “But I did not intend to kill.”

On July 23, Konuma and his wife, 24, took Maika to a hospital. However, she died the following morning. A hospital official later alerted police, saying that there are “signs of abuse.”

Masaru Konuma (Twitter)

“Hard time sleeping”

After Maika was born, the city sent nurses to visit the family on three occasions, according to NHK (Oct. 7).

Four days before Maika died, her mother told a staff member, “My daughter is having a hard time falling asleep, and my husband and myself are getting frustrated.”

When Konuma was not present, a nurse asked the mother whether or not the child was being abused. “No,” the mother said.

Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances that led to the child’s death.