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Hyogo: Police seek help in solving ’07 murder of girl

HYOGO (TR) – On the 12-year anniversary of the murder of a girl in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefectural Police sought the help of the public in solving the case, reports Kansai TV (Oct. 17).

In front of JR Kakogawa Station on Wednesday, officers and members of the family of Yuzuki Unose passed out information sheets on the murder of the girl, then 7.

“My feelings about the criminal have not changed: I want Yuzuki back. If you can’t do that, I want you to atone for your sins,” Unose’s mother said.

On October 16, 2007, a male perpetrator used a knife to fatally stab Unose, a second-year student at Befu Elementary School, in the chest in front of her residence.

While inside an ambulance, she told a member of the crew before she died that her attacker was a man.

An eyewitness later told police that they saw a man standing around the residence just before the attack. However, a link between him and the slaying was never established.

Yuzuki Unose (Twitter)

Stabbed in the heart

According to the results of an autopsy, Unose was stabbed twice, once in the left part of her chest and again in the abdomen.

When the assailant plunged the knife into her chest, the blade — up to 3 centimeters wide — was horizontal, causing it to miss her rib cage and pierce her heart, police said at the time.