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Hyogo: Pair nabbed over murder of dump truck driver

Norihito Yonemura (Twitter)

HYOGO (TR) – A male dump truck driver and an accomplice in custody for dumping the corpse of a fellow dump truck driver last month have been further accused of murder, reports Mainichi Broadcasting System (May 12).

According to police, Mamoru Yoshida, 52, and Norihito Yonemura, also 52, allegedly used a seatbelt to strangle 45-year-old Hisashi Nishikawa inside Yoshida’s truck on the night of April 19.

The results of an autopsy revealed the cause of death to have been suffocation. Both suspects admit to the allegations, police said.

Last month, police first accused the suspects of abandoning a corpse. Over April 19 and the following day, Yoshida and Yonemura allegedly buried the body of Nishikawa in the mountains of Miki City.

Mamoru Yoshida and an accomplice allegedly buried the body of Hisashi Nishikawa in the mountains of Miki City in April (Twitter)

Believed to have been acquaintances

Nishikawa lived in Kakogawa City. On April 20, his wife consulted with police. “My husband didn’t come home last night,” she reportedly said.

An examination of security camera footage showed several men near the residence of Nishikawa.

After speaking with relevant parties, police began questioning Yoshida and Yonemura, who are believed to have been acquaintances of the victim.

On April 20, police located Nishikawa’s body, which had several injuries to the head and face.

Police are now investigating the circumstances that led to the incident.