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Hostess holds press conference after non-prosecution for attempted murder

NAGANO (TR) – When prosecutors announce the non-prosecution of a suspect in a criminal case, the announcement is usually not accompanied with an explanation.

That proved to be the case in March, when prosecutors revealed the non-prosecution of Kanami Nakahara, the 36-year-old manager of a “snack” hostess club in Matsumoto City. However, Nakahara on Tuesday took the most unusual step of holding a press conference to explain her innocence.

Nakahara had been in custody on suspicion of attempted murder for allegedly mixing stimulant drugs into drinks consumed by a male and female customer at her club four years ago.

“I did not conspire with two other hostesses, nor is it factual that I knew drugs were mixed [in the drinks],” she said. “I am absolutely innocent.”

Kanami Nakahara
Kanami Nakahara (Twitter)

Attempted murder

On February 8, Nagano Prefectural Police arrested Nakahara and her former colleagues Kanako Mizuno (35) and Ai Tsukioka (32).

According to police, the suspects forced a 31-year-old woman and a 28-year-old male company employee to drink cocktails containing kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, at Diamond RiRi, the hostess club managed by Nakahara, on August 23, 2015.

The victims, who suffered acute medicinal poisoning, were rushed to a hospital. Momentarily, their lives were in danger, police said.

Kanami Nakahara on Tuesday
Kanami Nakahara proclaimed her innocence at a press conference on Tuesday

“Not necessary”

Also on Tuesday, Nakahara’s lawyer criticized the investigation conducted by police, saying that “it was not necessary to apprehend” Nakahara after it was confirmed that Tsukioka purchased the stimulant drugs through the smartphone application Line.

“In order to prove the crimes of the other two [suspects], it seems that I, the owner, was arrested as something of a hostage while [the police] knew that I was not involved,” Nakahara said. “I feel strong anger toward the police, the prosecutors and the court.”

The Nagano District Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the non-prosecution of Nakahara on March 29.

In explaining the reason for holding the press conference, her lawyer added, “A person claiming innocence can not recover from the damage without revealing their name and face.”

Tsukioka was prosecuted for attempted murder. Meanwhile, Mizuno was prosecuted for inflicting bodily injury upon the female customer.