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Hiroshima: Vietnamese woman accused of burying corpse of newborn

HIROSHIMA (TR) – Hiroshima Prefectural Police have arrested a 26-year-old Vietnamese woman for allegedly burying the corpse of her newborn in Higashihiroshima City, reports NHK (Nov. 13).

According to police, the suspect is Xuong Thi Vot, a technical intern living in the Shiwacho area.

Sometime between Wednesday and 2:00 p.m. the following day, Xuong allegedly buried the body of the girl outside the dormitory of the company employing her.

Upon her arrest on suspicion of abandoning a corpse, Xuong admitted to
the allegations. “I experienced a stillbirth on Wednesday,” she told
police. “I didn’t know what to do.”

A Vietnamese woman told police on Thursday that she buried the corpse of her newborn outside her dormitory after experiencing a stillbirth on Wednesday (Twitter)

On Thursday, a person connected to the company learned about the birth from Xuong and alerted police.

An examination of the body revealed no external wounds. The umbilical cord and placenta were both present.

Police are now seeking the cause of death.