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Happoshu cans found in vehicle of man after fatal accident

OSAKA (TR) – Empty cans of alcoholic beverages were found inside the vehicle of a man accused of drunk driving after a fatal accident in Toyonaka City early Thursday, police have revealed, reports Fuji News Network (Apr. 4).

At around 2:00 a.m., the vehicle driven by Takuma Osawa, a 31-year-old company employee, struck motorcyclist Kiyoshi Kozu, a 45-year-old newspaper deliveryman, at an intersection.

Kozu was transported in an unconscious state to a hospital where he was confirmed dead, police said.

According to police, Osawa was traveling straight through the intersection and struck Osawa as the motorcyclist made a right turn.

Toyonaka City
Empty cans of happoshu were found in the vehicle of a driver behind a fatal crash in Toyonaka City early Thursday (Twitter)

Police later found several empty cans of happoshu — a low-malt beer — inside the vehicle of Osawa. As well, a breath analysis conducted on Osawa gave a result that exceeded the standard level.

Upon being arrested for drunk driving and inflicting injury while driving erroneously, Osawa admitted to having consumed alcohol prior to the accident.

Police are now investigating whether to change the second charge to inflicting fatal injury while driving erroneously.