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Gunma: Man in women’s wig, pantyhose accused of indecent exposure

GUNMA (TR) – Gunma Prefectural Police arrested a 23-year-old man who while attired in women’s clothing exposed himself in Ota City on Thursday, reports Nippon News Network (Nov. 30).

At around 4:00 a.m., Reiya Yamaguchi, a part-time employee at a pachinko parlor, was found walking on a road while attired in a women’s brown wig and black pantyhose that left a portion of his lower body uncovered.

Yamaguchi, who was accused of indecent exposure, admits to the allegations. “I started doing this about a month ago,” the suspect told police. “I get excited when I’m seen by someone.”

in Ota City
A man attired in women’s clothing was accused of indecent exposure in Ota City on Thursday (Twitter)

Officers apprehended Yamaguchi after being tipped off by a pedestrian.