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Fukushima: Man uploaded videos of cats tossed into canal

FUKUSHIMA (TR) – Fukushima Prefectural Police on Monday arrested a male temporary worker for allegedly throwing cats into a canal in Sukagawa City on two occasions.

According to the Sukagawa Police Station, the crimes emerged after Ryo Jinbo, 31, posted footage of the incidents online, reports Sankei Sports (Feb. 4).

Police have accused Jinbo of violating the Law of Humane Treatment and Management of Animals. “I did it due to job stress,” the suspect was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations. “I thought [the footage] would be an interesting submission.”

Footage posted to YouTube shows the cats in the canal in December and January. In one case, the cat is shown struggling to scale the waterway’s concrete sideslopes near a drainage pipe. The animal later appears to escape by climbing a fence.

A man threw 2 cats into a canal in Sukagawa City in December and January
One of two cats thrown into a canal in Sukagawa City in December and January (YouTube)

Viewers of the footage later tipped off police. The videos have since been modified such that they cannot be viewed by the public, police said.

The whereabouts and well-being of the cats are not known, police said.