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Flashback: Bust of Yokohama ‘delivery health’ businesses for licensing violations

KANAGAWA (TR) – It was 10 years ago on Sunday that police announced the bust of two so-called “delivery health” services operating near JR Yokohama Station for licensing violations, reports Fuji News Network in a flashback.

On January 26, 2009, police arrested Yoshihito Onoe, 36, for allegedly operating service Momogumi from inside an apartment building, which is a violation of the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses. The other service was raided on the same charge.

Under the law, a delivery health business is to dispatch masseuses to provide non-coital sex services to male customers at a hotel, residence or other location. However, the cited businesses were operating from a fixed location, having rented 10 apartments.

near JR Yokohama Station
On January 26, 2009, police raided two “delivery health” businesses operating near JR Yokohama Station (Twitter)

According to police, more than 50 women, who dressed in a variety of costumes, were on staff at the services. Over a two-year period the services accumulated about 200 million yen in sales.

Police also speculated that a portion of the revenue was funneled to a criminal syndicate.