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Fast and furious: Hakodate drifter nabbed

HOKKAIDO (TR) – Hokkaido Prefectural Police have arrested the suspected driver of a vehicle caught on camera undertaking so-called “drift” driving in Hakodate City last month, reports Nippon News Network (Aug. 27).

Police have accused Kento Kakegawa, the driver, and Naoto Sasamoto, an accomplice, of violating the Road Traffic Act regarding dangerous acts.

Both suspects deny the allegations, police said.

The footage showed the white sedan driving at high speed in circles at an intersection surrounded by bars, restaurants and other businesses at around 1:00 a.m. on July 7.

In making the loops, the rear wheels of the vehicle skid into the turns, making them appear to “drift.” During the maneuvers, the vehicle circles around one taxi.

The following day, police observed skid marks on the pavement in investigating the matter.