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Ex-Tokyo talent agency exec handed 23-year term for raping 5 women

TOKYO (TR) – The Tokyo District Court on Tuesday handed the former president of a talent agency a 23-year prison term for raping five women, reports Nippon News Network (Dec. 25).

In handing down the ruling, the presiding judge said that Hiroki Sato, the 34-year-old president of Hermes Entertainment, did not “exhibit feelings of reflection” toward the victims.

At least several cases took place at a residence in Suginami Ward that also served as the company’s office. In one incident from May, 2017, Sato slapped the face of a woman, aged in her 30s, and choked her with both hands. He then sexually assaulted her, causing her injuries that required one week to heal.

The incident took place after the woman, an aspiring voice actress, arrived at the office to terminate her contract with the agency in order to move to a different firm.

Hiroki Sato
Hiroki Sato (Twitter)

After the assault, the suspect then forced the woman into a convenience store to withdraw 100,000 yen in cash that he took from her. “For the trouble you’ve caused regarding being referred here, you should pay about 100,000 yen,” the suspect reportedly said.

Prior to another incident, a part-time assistant at the office announced she was quitting. “You bitch, you will fall into the darkness that is the sex trade,” he threatened before sexually assaulting her.