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Erika Sawajiri apologizes ‘for hurting many people’ following drug-related conviction

TOKYO (TR) – Following the conviction of Erika Sawajiri on drug-related charges by the Tokyo District Court on Thursday, the popular actress issued an apology.

“I would like to offer a deep apology for betraying and hurting many people with my selfish actions and the immeasurable inconvenience I have caused,” the 33-year-old actress wrote in the hand-written message.

Earlier in the day, the court handed Sawajiri an 18-month prison term, suspended for three years.

According to the indictment, Sawajiri possessed 0.199 grams of MDMA, which is also known as Ecstasy, 0.601 grams of a liquid containing LSD and a slip of paper laced with LSD at her residence in Meguro Ward last November 16.

The actress went on to state that she was aware of the seriousness of her crimes. She continued, “I believe that the only way for me to make amends is to work hard for rehabilitation. I am taking the result of the trial seriously. Above all, I was reminded that the feeling I get from the caring of others is important, and that had been missing in my life.”

Erika Sawajiri (Twitter)

“I will once again re-evaluate myself“

During the trial, Sawajiri admitted to the allegations. The prosecution argued that the actress began using cocaine and marijuana from the age of 19.

After she posted bail of 5 million yen in December, she entered a hospital for treatment.

“As a member of society and as a woman, I will once again re-evaluate myself,” Sawajiri said in closing her message.