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Dragon Ash member released on bail after indictment for marijuana possession

TOKYO (TR) – KenKen, the bassist in popular rock band Dragon Ash, and another musician were released on bail on Wednesday after being indicted last week over the alleged possession of marijuana, reports

At around 7:00 p.m., KenKen, 33, whose real name is Kensuke Kaneko,  left the Tokyo Wangan Police Station in a white station wagon.

About 90 minutes before, musician Jesse McFaddin, a 38-year-old American, appeared in front of the station in a black shirt, his long hair tied back. “At this time, I would like to offer a profound apology for any inconvenience [I have caused],” the musician said.

The bail amount paid by each defendant on Wednesday was 2.5 million yen. Both defendants admit to the allegations.

Jesse McFaddin (Twitter)

On July 19, police found 0.23 grams of marijuana at the residence of KenKen in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City. That same day, officers in Tokyo arrested McFaddin over the alleged possession of 2.4 grams of marijuana and 0.02 grams of cocaine at his residence in Shinagawa Ward.

The raids were conducted after police received a tip about suspected marijuana possession by Kaneko and McFaddin about one month ago.

McFaddin is the son of guitarist Hisato Takenaka, who performs under the name Char. In addition to Dragon Ash, Kaneko plays with McFaddin in the band Rize.

On August 9, attorneys for the defendants submitted a request to prosecutors for the defendants to be released on bail. They were prosecuted that same day.